The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

Finding Out I’m Pregnant

Let’s talk about it.

In my last year of undergrad, things started changing fast! From my health (we’ll talk about that later) to becoming a new mom all in one year. 

Memorial Day weekend of last year, I was supposed to come on my period but I just assumed it was late because sometimes it can be affected by the change of weather, stress, diet, etc. Without having a second thought about it, I just knew I was about to have fun and TURN UP! 

It’s Memorial Day, I’m starting to drink with my boyfriend and his family. Genuinely having a good time. So, the moment I get my drink, I couldn’t bare the taste. You know that first taste of alcohol you get that burns your throat? Or that first sip of Sprite from Mc Donald’s that makes you do the – 

Yeah, that was me. 
I instantly felt funny but I just thought maybe it’s because I haven’t had any in awhile. After that, I just started taking it slow because I STILL wanted my buzz. 

1 hour later… anddddd I’m still on my first drink. Something just wasn’t right. My body just wouldn’t let me indulge in getting turnt like I wanted to so I just gave up on drinking. 

Moving forward into the next week, I suddenly had all this energy to cook. It was like I became a chef overnight. I made some Cajun chicken Alfredo, steak and potatoes, tuna fish, (weird craving, I know) and just everything I wanted honestly. So this one particular day, I decided to make one of those shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausages foil packs and I DID NOT EAT NONE OF IT! Instantly got disgusted and felt sick to my stomach. At this point, I knew something was going on with me. All I wanted to eat was some pickles. PICKLES!!!

That same day, I went to Walmart and bought a pregnancy test. Took the test that night, and it read… NEGATIVE. 

Because I took the test at night, I was like before I get too excited, I’m just gonna take the second one in the morning. Morning comes, I pee on the stick, wait three minutes and….. it’s POSITIVE. 

I’m looking at myself in the mirror like –

Next thing, I know… I started laughing like a crazy person because this CAN’T be true! Not me! Not the girl who about to graduate! Not the girl who trying to go grad school! Not the girl who said “I want to get married before I have my first child”! Just ANYBODY but me. 

Because I’m still in denial, my friend went and bought me 5 more pregnancy tests. All 5 of them said… YOU PREGNANT! 

After reality sat in and letting other people judgments of me wither away, I started to feel happy about it. A feeling of excitement and happiness just came over me all at once.  There was still a feeling of shame lingering around because I wasn’t married and still in school but I didn’t let that bother me as much. I came to the terms that this in fact was truly Gods Plan and there was no way that I can change that. 

Now I have this beautiful, healthy and soooo smart little boy Jaxon!! My greatest accomplishment and biggest blessing of them all. 

And that’s how I found out I was pregnant. What would you like to hear about next? Like and Comment below!! 

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  1. Tami

    Interesting story but I’m curious about you mentioning about your health before telling your story/Did your health issue have any impact with your pregnancy? What was the reactions from family and friends? Was it hard giving birth to your beautiful baby?

    1. Monifah

      Hello Tami!
      Yes, I’m a type 1 diabetic so it definitely made the pregnancy a bit difficult to manage sometimes. But when it comes to giving birth… pushing was easy and contractions were the HORRIBLE! Most painful thing I ever experienced.
      My family and friends was ecstatic to hear the news! Although the parents reactions at first wasn’t so excited- they didn’t believe it.

  2. Precious Cole

    Your story about finding out when you was pregnant was hilarious lol you become this chef overnight lol. But my story is similar me and my husband who was my boyfriend at the time was drinking henny and my felt weird so I gave my 4th shot to him cause I couldn’t drink it no more. Then I knew something was up cause I was 2 days late and I’m like my period is never late I been a day early or on time so I took a pregnancy test and he came busting in on me in the bathroom and I showed him the test lol that mug said positive I couldn’t believe it so I took another one just to make sure lol and yep it was positive so I was pacing back and forth in house while he speechless playing fortnite. So I called my mom and auntie to tell them and my auntie told me she was pregnant too lol so it was a crazy day now I have a beautiful princess.

    1. Monifah

      OMG yes! I was 5 days late which I forgot to mention so I already knew something DEFINITELY wasn’t right! lol
      Also, your aunt being pregnant too?!? What are the odds of that happening?! At least they can grow up together.

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