As mentioned in my last blog post, many of you wanted to know what happened to me before the baby. Specifically, what was going on with my HEALTH.  

Let’s get into it.

Around March of last year, I was in a very busy time of my life with being heavily involved in my organization, interning, and taking 15 credit courses. As a college student, it is almost the norm to eat 1-2 meals a day because of our busy schedules. But it’s not supposed to be that way. AT ALL. 

With saying that…. this is where things get a little crazy and unusual for me.

Weight Loss

For someone who has been skinny ALLLL of their life— I was happy to have my healthy relationship weigh going on. So, when I started losing weight.. I’m like

My regular weight is around 145-150. At that time, I was 135 pounds.

To lose 10 pounds that fast without working out nor being on a diet really concerned me.

I talked to my mom about it and she said, “Girl, if you think there’s something wrong with you just make a doctors appointment.” Followed by “ain’t nothing wrong with you. You just being dramatic.”

Dramatic but intuitive as well.

I Need Juice. Pop. Water. Anything.

Another weird thing for me is to crave unhealthy amounts of sweets and beverages. At almost any moment, I just NEEDED something to drink. I just felt so dehydrated all the time! I would drink anything but my body just wanted JUICE. Juice would be the only thing that fulfilled me and made me feel better.

I drank a whole bottle of CranMango in one day. It usually lasts a week for me.

All of this made me go to the bathroom every hour!! My bladder would get full so fast. I felt like I was pregnant the way I was running to the bathroom but I wasn’t. (YET)
Anyway, this all leads to my next point.

I Think I Just….

Okay, so this one is a bit embarrassing but it happens when something isn’t right with your body!

One night I was sleeping like a baby, dreaming of making my way to the bathroom. Next thing I know, I felt something warm and wet. I wake up and…. I pee’d in the bed. Yup. You read that right. I pissed on myself.

Forgot to mention that Rodéo (my boyfriend) is right next to me and he did not FEEL a thing!!

Completely embarrassed. I hurry up and get myself together.

A couple days later, I do it AGAIN! This is not normal for me! I’m too old to be peeing on myself. In that moment, I was literally worried about what could be going on with me. I immediately book a doctors appointment and start googling EVERYTHING.

As always, google tells you that you’re gonna die.

Before the Appointment

Days leading up to the appointment, I just started to feel weak and tired. Walking around campus to make it to class and go back to my apartment felt so draining. I literally had no energy to do anything.

Unless I had some juice.

Day of Appointment


So, I arrive to my appointment. Hoping to hear the words “nothing is wrong.”

The doctor goes through routine questions and makes me take a pregnancy test.

I wait for about 20 minutes and he comes back in and say “well, you’re not pregnant but I think you have diabetes.”

I laugh it off because that is simply a mistake. Wrong person. Not me.

I’m skinny. I’m healthy. OF COURSE NOT ME. 

But then he reads to me stuff I don’t really understand (at the time) and tries to reschedule me for another appointment because he’s unsure if I have it or not. So, I’m like….

So, I’m checking out and right before I leave- this random doctor comes out looking for me like somebody died or something. She takes me by the hand and we go into her office.

She says, “I couldn’t have you leave with tests results like these. You will pass out. This is unbelievable. How are you feeling?” Then she says, “your A1C levels are so high. On a scale 1-14, you’re at 13.4”
In my head, I’m like:

Needless to say, she sets me up to get blood drawn and will call me later with the results.

Once I get home, I eat and reminisce on the Appointment like “could I really have diabetes?!?” This is crazy!

So, few minutes later, my nose just starts coming down with blood. It’s pouring out.

Now. I’m REALLY freaking out! LITERALLY FIVE MINUTES LATER, the doctor calls me and say “You need to go to the ER immediately. They are waiting on you now.” 

That’s it. I call my mom and one of my friends to take me to the hospital. 

Slight Diabetes Education

Your normal blood sugar before meals: 90-100

My blood sugar once arrived to the hospital: 225 (Later, I found out my average before being treated was around 335.)

IV’s and a few pricks later, they diagnosed me with having Type I Diabetes.

What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Type 1: Your pancreas gives up on you and stops producing any insulin. Without insulin, your body cannot break down sugars and carbs like it normally does. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for type 1 diabetes and you’re stuck with it for life. Around 5 percent of people with diabetes have type 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Type 2: Your body still produces insulin but it does not use it effectively. This type is usually caused by poor eating habits, obesity, etc. According to the CDC, around 90–95 percent of people with diabetes have this type.

I’m a part of that 5 percent.

Here’s a picture of me after getting the news and maybe 1-2 mental breakdowns

It’s been a year now (April 6) since having diabetes and it does suck. I have to check my blood sugar about 3 times a day and give myself 6-10 units of insulin after each meal. Sometimes even more.

For someone who hated using needles, I had to like them fast or I was going to die.

It’s been harder to manage ever since having Jaxon and I need to see a doctor really soon to make sure I’m doing well at maintaining it. I’ve been constantly reminding myself that I HAVE to be healthy for HIM. So, I’m working on being consistent again with checking my sugars and taking insulin.

Pregnancy and Diabetes

After being diagnosed with diabetes, I got pregnant a month & a half later. Combining the both of them can get scary. I remember being in the hospital bed and the doctor was telling me all the complications I can have in life and pregnancy was one of them.

I just want to THANK GOD that I took care of myself and didn’t have detrimental complications during my pregnancy with Jaxon. Only thing I would have is super high sugars or really bad lows. Having the lows during pregnancy was the most difficult. I would get weak, breakdown crying, start shaking and have trouble breathing. Probably the one thing I hated most next to being tired all of the time.

But the high blood sugars at the end of my pregnancy is what led me to being induced at 38 weeks.

With saying all of this, please take care of yourself guys. Don’t miss a meal. Drink lots of water. Workout. Stay active. Eat healthy foods if you can. Take mental health days. Relax.

Your health is the most important and having good health is a blessing! Don’t take it for granted.

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  1. Ebonee Paisley

    Wow! I would’ve never imagined that you experienced all of that after being diagnosed with diabetes. I’m so thankful to God that you were able to push through and have a safe healthy pregnancy and delivery but also that you’re still here today! Continue to be a great mother and a powerful woman!

    1. Monifah

      Thank you so much Ebonee!! It’s definitely a blessing but still trying to maintain every day. 🧡

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