How to Survive Your Baby’s First Year —25 Must-Haves for New Parents

How to Survive Your Baby’s First Year —25 Must-Haves for New Parents

A Guide to Help Breastfeeding Mamas too!

It’s been a year now since I gave birth to my baby boy, Jaxon.

When I was separating his baby clothes recently and getting ready to transition to his ‘big boy’ clothes, I realized that it was so many things that he didn’t need or use at all. Such as the bottle warmer that we got at the baby shower and the summer bathtub that’s still in the box it came in. With that being said, I wanted to create this list for all first-time moms and new parents about 25 must-have items that you can get from Amazon that will save you time and money. Let’s check it out!

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Now, let’s get into these 25 must-haves for all new parents!

25 Must-Haves for the First Year

If you’re going to be a breastfeeding mama, this is what helped me throughout my journey:

  1. Nursing Bras

When Jaxon was first born, I didn’t have any nursing bras, but I definitely needed them once my milk came in. No one tells you that your boobs will be like huge bricks that leaks milk 24/7. But with the help of these bras, it made the process a lot easier. You can get this from Amazon!

2. Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack

I love using these for two reasons: the hot and cold compresses! To help with breast engorgement or if you have a lump in your boob that you need to get out – this will become your friend! You can warm it in the microwave to use or freeze them. Another great breastfeeding essential from Amazon.

3. Milkmakers Lactation Cookie Bites

Moms, it’s important to know that when your period comes back, your milk supply will DROP. You’re going to be left wondering “what happened to my milk? I’m dried up.” But no. Your period is back and you need to eat these lactation cookies! At first, I thought they were going to be nasty but they are sooo good! It’s addicting but it works like magic. Do yourself a favor now and invest into these cookies! You can get it here from Amazon.

4. Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Women’s Tea

For my tea drinkers, just like I mentioned that the lactation cookies helped me produce more milk, so does this organic Mother’s Milk Tea! Add to that baby registry today!

5. Nipple Cream

This nipple cream became my best friend after every pumping session and once Jaxon got his first tooth. You will need it, trust me! Get it from Amazon today!

6. The Boppy

What’s a breastfeeding mama with her boppy? If you got a chunky baby, your arm will be full of pain or sweat once you’re done feeding them. The boppy is the perfect accessory to help support you and baby while breastfeeding and growing the baby as well for head/body support. You can get one of these from Amazon today!

Now, let’s dig into the baby’s essentials.

7. Comotomo Baby Bottle

The best bottle to help your baby transition from boob to bottle nipple. It’s silicon which makes it easier for baby to hold bottle because they’ll think of it like your boob and a better latch than most bottles. You can find this on my list!

8. Baby Swaddle Wrap

Once the baby gets to come home, your doctor may recommend that they stay swaddled when they’re sleeping. Instead of doing it with a blanket a million times over, using these swaddle wraps will save you time and energy. I loved wrapping Jaxon up in one of those and holding him like a sack of potatoes. Sometimes, I miss that stage! Make sure you get yours here.

9. Mamibaby Baby Nest

Debating between this or a bassinet? Well, if you’re one of those moms who prefer their newborn baby to be close to them at all times, I would recommend having one of these. It’s as comfortable for the baby as it looks. They can fall asleep anywhere in this little ol nest! Get it from Amazon today!

10. The Classic Baby Teddy Onesie

I LOVED this baby suit on Jaxon when he was a baby-baby. Actually, I’m keeping it for his memories because it was just too darn cute! Maybe even cuter when he got chunky. I know many of you have asked where did I get it, and it’s available on Amazon! They have colors for boys and girls.

11. Disney Amble Quad Travel System, Mickey Silhouette

If you’re a Disney or Mickey Mouse lover, you’re going to love this carseat and stroller combo! This was probably one of my top favorite gifts from the baby shower. Everywhere we go, people always ask ‘where did we get it from?’ because it’s so cute! You can get one for the baby that’s coming in your life today by clicking here.

12. Portable Changing Pad

This is still being used by us everyday and everywhere we go. Instead of laying your baby in those public restrooms bare, invest in getting yourself this changing pad. You can pack diapers, wipes and whatever else you need in it to make diaper time easier. Get one today from Amazon!

13. Baby Dreft Detergent

The best smelling baby detergent ever. I loved using this for Jaxon because of the newborn baby smell that it has. It just smells like baby and leaves all of his clothes smelling like baby too. I’m a huge fan. A little pricey but worth it. You can get this from Amazon!

14. Digital Video Baby Monitor

As your baby grow older and start sleeping in their cribs, having a baby monitor will be the absolute best. You can start getting stuff done around the house, clean, cook, or just simply relax! With this monitor, you can speak to the baby and night vision comes in handy so that you can check on your little one at any time! This is about the cheapest ones that you can get but it works like a charm! Get it from Amazon for only $50.

15. Moby Baby Wrap

The Moby Wrap is by far my favorite baby carrier. I feel like a strong mama in one of these because my baby is close and protected. The Moby Wrap was Jaxon’s favorite too because it put him to sleep instantly and I was able to do things that I enjoyed like cooking. Plus, it didn’t hurt my back!

16. Baby And Toddler Bath Tub

Because how cute is this tub? Perfect for the little boy who loves to make splashes! It’s a three-stage baby to toddler tub and doesn’t take up too much space in the bath tub. Get your Skip Mody tub from Amazon.

17. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

My favorite thing to do once Jaxon started to hold his head up on his own, was trying to let him sit up on his own. He loved sitting in one of these while I tried to feed him his first purees or just play silly games with him on the floor. Also, a great source to keep your baby distracted. Get it on Amazon today!

18. Activity Gym

I believe we started using this for tummy time once Jaxon was two-weeks old. It’s perfect for babies to learn and explore by the different colors, shapes, and hanging objects. A MUST-NEED for every baby so that they can start working on their fine-motor skills and more! Get yours from Amazon!

19. Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

The one thing that I love most about this high-chair is that it can turn into a table once your baby gets old enough to sit by themselves. How cool is that?!

20. Silicone Baby Bibs

These bibs have made clean-up a lot easier for me and definitely worth it to not mess up the cute bibs that goes with the adorable outfits. Parents, get you one (or a few) from Amazon!

21. NUK Tri-Suction Bowls

The best baby bowls ever! Babies are known to cause messes and with these, they can barely knock any food over and I love how these come with lids so that you can take your baby food with you on the go. Get yours from Amazon for only $5.12!

22. Milestone Age Blocks 

I love using these milestone age blocks for Jaxon! I take pictures every month to include in his baby book and for memories of course.

23. Shopping Cart Cover 

One that will continue to be used until he doesn’t need it anymore. As a mom, I enjoy going grocery shopping more than ever now and having this keeps my baby protected from eating on this cart after so many hands has been on it. The good thing with this one is that it has a place to hold your phone for YouTube videos. Get it here!

24. Mommy’s Bliss – Gripe Water

Gripe water has saved me so many nights especially in the beginning. But only, this brand works the best from my experience. When Jaxon was very fussy and colic-ly, I used this every time and it made a HUGE difference. Every baby shower I go to, will get this as a gift from me! (thank me later friends!)

25. Graco Duet Glide Gliding Swing with Portable Rocker

I decided to end it with this swing because for those mommies who can’t hold their baby all day and has a baby who would like to see you all the time – this swing vibrates, glide, and swing which is the ultimate way to calm your baby and put them to sleep. I’m keeping this gem for my next baby because it helped me a lot! Get it here!

I hope this list helps all of the mamas who’s looking forward to having babies and those with newborns. You learn so much as you go and I thought it would be helpful to show what has worked for me. Let me know what products work best for you!

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